Friday, 13 January 2017

How-To Friday – Lessons in Value

Hi, it’s me.

I got some great videos today on painting values. They all demonstrate paintings using one colour. Two of them use black ink and one uses Payne’s Grey.

When using only one colour, you need to rely on the values in the paintings. Value measures how light or how dark a hue is.  White is high in value and black is low.

Give it a try.


Friday, 6 January 2017

How-to Friday - Zentangles

Hi, it’s me.

This week’s how to are some videos on Zentangles. These four videos show different designs to create. I’ll be giving them a try. Hope you like them.

Howto Draw the Zentangle® Tangle 'Pea-Nuckle'
Ellen Wolters
Howto draw tanglepattern Shattuck2
How to draw tanglepattern Shnek
How to draw tanglepattern Zonked

There are lots of videos on this subject so be sure to explore.